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Allermuir warrants to the original purchaser that its products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years from date of delivery, except as noted below. This warranty applies to single shift (standard 8-hour day, 5 days per week) use, and covers products delivered in the Americas: Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Mexico and the United States.



5 Years
Stacking chairs, metal chair frames, seating components including controls and adjustment mechanisms, height adjustment mechanisms and pneumatic cylinders, monitor supports and tablet arm assemblies, wood veneer and low pressure laminate (LPL) surfaces, urethane and wood edge treatments, upholstery and tailoring.

3 Years
Electrical components and power supplies, ballasts, casters, glides, exposed wood frames, marker board surfaces, granite and glass surfaces, replacement parts.

Allermuir offers no warranty, either implied or expressed, on any fabrics or leathers used on our products. Fabrics and leathers carry warranties from the fabric manufacturer or reseller. Please refer to each reseller’s warranties before specifying. Because every fabric specification is different and application for use must be taken into consideration, Allermuir shall not be held responsible in any manner for wrong specification of fabric for tailoring, wear, durability, for light fastness.



Warranty does not apply to product failure or loss resulting from:

Normal wear and tear.Failure to apply, install or maintain products according to published Allermuir or manufacturer instructions and guidelines.Abuse, misuse, neglect or accident.Unauthorized alteration or modification of the product.Products exposed to extreme environmental conditions or improper storage.Substitution of any unauthorized components that are integral to the performance of the product.

Warranty does not cover:

Replacement parts are covered for 3 years not to exceed the balance of the original warranty. • Customer’s own materials including, but not limited to solid surfaces, laminates, textiles and upholstery materials, leathers, wood and wood veneers. These materials are subject to the original manufacturer’s warranties only.

Variations in surface materials including color, grain, texture.Variations in leather such as scars, wrinkles, and other marks.Variations in wood such as color, staining, grain, scars and other marks.Color fastness due to aging or exposure to sunlight.Consumables, such as batteries, light bulbs and lamps.Products purchased “as is”, used or second-hand.Products sold by unauthorized dealers or installer.


Warranty Provides Exclusive Remedies

Under this warranty, if a product fails during normal use during the warranty period as a result of a defect in materials or workmanship, Allermuir will, at its sole discretion, either repair or replace the product free of charge. If Allermuir determines the repair or replacement of the product(s) is not commercially practical, Allermuir may choose to refund the purchase price of the affected product. This warranty applies to products purchased on or after March 1, 2016. For products purchased prior to March 1, 2016, please refer to the warranty terms and conditions in effect at that time.


This warranty is non-transferable and valid to the original purchaser only. Warranty is enforceable only if products were acquired and installed by Allermuir or one of its Authorized Resellers.

All products offered on Bush Furniture websites are new and backed by the warranties indicated on the product page as part of the product description. If you have any questions regarding a product warranty, please contact our Customer Care team at 1-800-950-4782.

To the extent allowed by law, Compel warrants to the original end-user that this product will be free from defects in its material and workmanship when used in a single shift (standard 8-hour day, 5 days per week). Defects are defined as failure in product function or structure, not user negligence or abuse.

Compel promises to repair or replace Compel products or components that is found to be defective in material or workmanship within the timeframes noted below provided the product is still a part of Compel’s current offering at time of warranty claim and so long as you, the original purchaser, still own it. This is your sole and exclusive remedy. It applies to products purchased after January 1, 2014. Products purchased prior to January 1, 2014 will be covered for 5-years, per the previous warranty.

This warranty is subject to the provisions outlined here.

Offices To Go® warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship subject to the limitations below. This warranty is made by Offices To Go® only to original end-user customers acquiring the product directly from authorized Offices To Go® dealers. The customer’s sole remedy under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement at Offices To Go®’s option. Consent from Offices To Go® must be obtained before any warranty work is performed. This warranty shall not apply to any products which must be replaced due to normal wear and tear, negligence, abuse or “accident”, shipping damage or product use other than in accordance with written instructions or warnings. It will also not apply when a product has been modified or altered, repaired or refurbished by someone other than Offices To Go®. This warranty does not cover the cost of transportation or labor. Offices To Go® can make no warranty that any of its products are suitable for any particular purpose and can make no other warranties, expressed or implied. In no event shall Offices To Go® be liable in either tort or contract for any loss or direct, special, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages.

This warranty is not valid if the products are used for rental purposes.

Under this warranty, claims must be made within the following periods from the original date of purchase:
(a) non-moving parts are warranted for five years;
(b) drawers, slides, leveling glides, locks, and other moving parts are warranted for two years;
(c) gas cylinders, mechanisms, and other moving parts are warranted for two years;
(d) upholstery materials and foam are warranted for two years;
(e) task light, desk lamp, monitor arm and power grommets are warranted for two years.

Desking and Tables warranty is based on an eight hour, single shift workday. Seating Warranty is based on an eight hour, single shift work day for users weighing up to 250 pounds. NOTE: Select light duty stacking chairs; OTG11696, and OTG11697, are warranted for users weighing up to 200 pounds.


Height adjustable bases (OTGHABASE2) electric motors, controllers and moving parts are warranted for 5 years. Height adjustable base warranty is based on an eight hour, single shift work day and maximum lifting capacity of 220lbs.

OM (formerly Office Master, Inc.) warrants to the original
purchaser that its products are free from defects in materials
and workmanship for the applicable warranty period, as
indicated below.

Should any item fail, OM will – at its sole discretion –
repair or replace, with a comparable product or part, any
item found to be defective as a result of normal commercial
use (i.e., a single 8-hour shift, 5 days per week).
This warranty does not apply to items subjected to
abuse, misuse, neglect, alteration, or damage caused by
shipment, storage, accident, fire, flood, or act of God.

The OM5 Series® (including the OM5 Active sub-series)
and Truly.TM are covered by a lifetime limited warranty on all
structural components as defined below.

Unless otherwise specified, all models not classified as
budget or 24/7 or heavy-duty are covered under a 12-year
limited warranty on all structural components as defined

Unless otherwise specified, all models classified as budget
or 24 /7 or heavy-duty are covered under a 7-year limited
warranty on all structural components as defined below.

Within a given model’s applicable warranty period, all structural components, including gas cylinders, wood, metal and
plastic parts (i.e., chair frames, bases and control handles)
are guaranteed against structural failure when under normal
commercial use. All OM seating comes with a default 250
lbs. weight capacity limit unless otherwise specified by OM.

Please Note: Safco® does not require the customer to fill out a warranty registration card. Please keep all purchase documents for the product in event the warranty is needed. Contact our Customer Care team for any warranty assistance at or (888) 971-6225.

Our warranty pledges excellence in the quality of our products. It helps protect our customers' investments and extends our continuing dedication to our customers after their initial investment.

Safco® warranty obligation: We pledge to repair or replace, at Safco’s option, any Safco product or component that is defective in material or workmanship for as long as you, the original purchaser, own it. This warranty is subject to the provisions below.

The following listed parts, components and supplies are covered under warranty in accordance with the below schedule following the product purchase date.

One Year: Mogo SeatThree Years: Outdoor Products (Entourage™, Evos™, Canmeleon™ and CoGo™ Product Lines), High Density 4-Post wire shelving and wire components, electrical components and Dry Erase Surfaces.Five Years: Glides, casters, polymer-based components, seating upholstery (fabrics and leather), foam, armrests, chrome seating components, user-adjustable work surface mechanisms, laminates, veneer finishes and other covering materials, drawer glides, electrical components, e5™ product line, Event Series, cabinets or mobile systems, components that are either moving parts or controls (guides that are in contact with moving parts), and motors on the ML-Series, E-Series, and LT-Series Height-Adjustable Tables.Seven Years: Motor on XR-Series Height-Adjustable Tables.Ten Years: Seating controls and cylinders, Rumba™, Cha-Cha™, Electric Height-Adjustable Table series laminates, and wood seating components. All parts (excluding motor) on the XR, ML, E and LT-Series Height-Adjustable Tables.


Exclusions pertaining to this warranty are as follows but are not limited to:

Product or product components utilized with the intent to rent or lease.Freight damages: Safco is not liable for any product damages sustained during shipping or handling operations. Safco provides specific policies and requirements regarding shipping and handling, and reserves the right to review and address product distribution matters separately.Normal wear and tear.Product negligence: A product is not considered defective due to misuse or improper installation. Safco products must be installed, used and maintained in accordance with product instructions and warnings.Alterations or attachments to the product that were not approved by Safco.All COM fabric is not covered under this warranty.All corrugated products or components.Use of non-multiple shift products for multiple shifts.

Safco's warranty obligation is limited to normal use upon receipt of our products.

Normal commercial usage for seating is defined as the equivalent of a single shift, forty (40) hour workweek. To the extent that a seating product is used in a manner exceeding this, the applicable warranty period will be reduced in a prorata manner.

Models warranted for multiple shifts:

Task Master® Industrial SeriesSoft Tough™ SeriesWorkFit™ Polyurethane SeriesUber™ Series (500 lbs.)Alday™ Intensive-Use (500 lbs.)Vue™ Intensive-Use (500 lbs.)24-Hour High Performance Chair (2424AG)

Please follow the warranty procedures described below to ensure apt and responsive service.

Once a defect has been discovered, the original purchaser must contact Safco immediately (within 30 days of defect detection), in writing, with the serial number(s) (if applicable), date code and model number from the product(s) in question.Upon inspection of the product(s), Safco will collect all relevant information necessary for review of the request.Product replacement, replacement parts and repairs will be authorized by a Customer Care representative if acknowledged to be necessary under product warranty eligibility conditions.

Natural products have varying grains and colors. Due to such natural variations occurring in materials such as wood and leather, these characteristics are not considered defects. Safco does not warrant the color-fastness or matching of colors, grains or textures of such materials. Materials supplied, selected or provided by the customer (COM) are not warranted.

This Warranty Statement is provided to you by VIA, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Via Seating”, “we”, “us”, “our”).

All Via Seating products are manufactured with meticulous attention to detail to be high quality, durable and long-lasting. VIA Inc (hereafter referred to as Via Seating) warrants to the initial purchaser, Via Seating product will be free from defects in its materials and craftsmanship found during normal single shift usages; single shift usage is five (5) days a week, eight (8) hours a day for the following warranty periods. This coverage shall be effective for the applicable time period beginning from date of original sale.Products covered by this warranty will be either repaired or replaced at Via Seating’s discretion.

Product repair or replacement of any defective part is the customer’s exclusive remedy for any and all product defects. Via Seating will pay for warranty repair costs pre-approved when shown to be a result of a defective part. Such payment will be made in the form of a credit to an active authorized Via Seating dealer account. The user shall be responsible for all maintenance service, which includes but not limited to: lubricating and cleaning of the product, assembly, adjustment, checking all screws every six months and performing operation checks. Only those items free of misuse and abuse will be covered. Items with alternations, unauthorized repairs, or damaged by fire, flood or other acts of God will not be covered.

This warranty applies to all Via Seating products manufactured after January 1, 2017. There are no other warranties, expressed or implied, other than those specifically described here.Via Seating reserves the right to make changes in design/construction and to discontinue products without prior notice.Via Seating reserves the right to make changes to the 12 year warranty.


Warranty Periods12-Year Warranty CoverageAll Via Seating products are warrantied for 12 years – including 24/7 use chairs – except where noted. Unless otherwise specified, Via Seating’s proprietary, closed-cell, cold-cured, injection-molded comfort foam is also covered for a period of 12 years.24/7 Shift Applications Warranty CoverageVia Seating’s 24/7 shift applicable series Brisbane HD 24/7, Genie®, Genie Flex® (including TPU) and Vista II are all covered under Via Seating’s 12 year warranty1.1 Via Seating quick ship leathers, fabrics and mesh, are covered for 2 years at 24/7 use.10-Year Warranty CoverageVista II upholstered chairs on casters.6-Year Warranty CoverageAll lounge series (Astro, Chico, Comet, Edge, Luna, Meteor, Muir, Nebula & Orbit), multi-use series (Eclipse, Splash, Sutro, Vista II Poly Poly & Zee).5-Year Warranty CoverageVia Seating quick ship leathers and fabrics, mesh (4u, Genie®, Reset, Run II, Splash & Vista II), 4u groove fabric, outdoor furniture (Cortina, Eclipse Wired, Moon Tables, Sierra, Splash Air & Tahoe).2-Year Warranty CoverageKnit mesh (Proform® & Riva) with standard mesh guards, mechanical lumbar option.


Warranty Exceptions(not covered under warranty)Graded-In, COM/COL textiles.Color-fastness or matching of colors patterns or dye lot, including; minor variations, color .matches to swatches used for specification purposes and/or prior purchases.Products specified outside of those shown in the Via Seating price list.Products with unauthorized repair or alteration.Products not used, maintained or installed in accordance with Via Seating’s applicable guidelines.Products exposed to conditions deemed extreme (i.e. environments other than “normal commercial, indoor office” spaces) and damage from sunlight and UV rays.Products purchased “as is” or second hand/refurbished products.Products sold by unauthorized dealers.Variations of leather; dye lots, environment marks, scars, bites, rubs, wrinkles, stretch marks, pattern markings and minor irregularities in color, surface, grain & texture.Samples, floor/showroom samples, road samples.Damage caused by the carrier in-transit, which will be handled as a separate claim against the carrier.Damage caused by staining, sharp objects, imprinting from instruments and water damage.


ANSI/BIFMA ComplianceVia Seating products – Via Seating designs and manufactures all of its products in accordance with the ANSI/BIFMA standards.Outdoor furniture – Via Seating tests all outdoor furniture to ANSI/BIFMA standards.To download a BIFMA LEVEL®certification for your specific product either search “(series name) BIFMA LEVEL” or go to the specific series page, click sustainability from the drop-down menu & then click certifications from that sub menu. Select the certification you want & download that pdf.


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