Three Young Entrepreneurs Take Over Upstate Office Furniture

In November of 2019, William Brennan, founder of Parlor City Furniture, was a real estate agent in the Greater Binghamton area. William was inspired by the course and dead set on his new business idea - Buying and Selling items on Facebook marketplace. William and his two best friends, Thomas Disch, and Nathaniel Rose started a small business to buy & sell items on Facebook marketplace out of a small garage.

The trio found themselves in a unique position selling quality items acquired from real estate deals at discounted prices in a business they had called “Ba-Ba Bargains”, with a sheep as the logo.

“We found ourselves in an interesting position where we could buy quality items from businesses or people who didn’t need them any more for a discounted price, and then sell them at competitive prices to people who needed it” - Will proclaimed. “We started out of a small garage on the North Side of Binghamton, then an unused building downtown, and then we met Wayne and Sylvia” - Nate Rose.

Eight months later, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the trio expanded their business and launched Parlor City Furniture. Parlor City quickly began taking over the commercial furniture business locally, and took over Upstate Office Furniture, which had 30 years experience in office furniture in the Broome County footprint and beyond.

The trio now work with all of the same manufacturers that Upstate Office Furniture did and more, and work with State and County organizations. They also do commercial residential furnishing, now occupy 4301 Old Vestal Road, where they sell and design new & pre-owned home & offices.

Parlor city furniture