Copper Mesh Anti-Microbial Chairs - Combatting Viruses & Bacteria

Parlor City Furniture is proud to present an industry leading & patent-pending option for bacteria fighting furniture. 

Announcing the Copper Mesh Collection by Via Seating. Only Via Seating can offer these patent-pending, first-to-market, and award-winning copper mesh back chairs, which meet the strict requirements for use in healthcare environments.

Copper Mesh Antimicrobial Office Chair

Q: What are some perks of Copper Mesh Seating?

Copper mesh is:

  • Biocidal. It naturally kills harmful microorganisms.
  • Anti-fungal. It kills harmful fungi.
  • Anti-viral. It kills viruses or suppresses its ability to replicate and, hence, inhibits
  • Anti-odor. It captures and blocks or kills odor-causing bacteria that comes from your body. It neutralizes the bacteria.
  • Approved for use in healthcare environments.


The Copper Mesh Seating Collection

Q: How does Copper Mesh Work?

When bacteria come into contact with copper ions a process begins to kill the bacteria. On metallic copper surfaces, bacteria, yeasts, and viruses are rapidly killed. The term “contact killing” has been coined for this process. This is due to the potential use of copper as an antibacterial material in health care settings. 

As stated by the US National Library of Medicine, "The antimicrobial activity of copper and copper alloys is now well established, and copper has recently been registered at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the first solid antimicrobial material."


Q: Who is Copper Mesh Seating for?

  • A customer-driven client who wants a comfortable mesh back made of environmentally conscious materials.
  • Healthcare institutions, where it is perhaps the most important application to prevent transmission of harmful bacteria, viruses, and/or fungi.


Bar Height Copper Mesh Seating and Side Chairs Available

Features of the Copper Mesh Collection:

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  • Patent-pending.
  • Award-winning: 2017 Best of NeoCon for Innovation in Healthcare Textiles and a Silver Nightingale Award for healthcare textiles.
  • Nature: biocidal (kills harmful microorganisms), antiviral, antifungal and anti-odor.
  • Cleaning: has self-sanitizing properties, but is also bleach-cleanable.
  • Development: the copper is infused directly into the mesh and doesn’t rub off like topically applied applications.
  • Mesh colors: natural copper (copper color) and black copper.
  • Available on 4 series:
    • Genie Copper Mesh® – task/work chair, task/work stool, conference chair, management chair.
    • Onda – task/work chair, task/work stool, executive chair, conference chair, management chair.
    • 4u – task/work chair, task/work stool, conference chair, management chair.
    • Run II – task/work chair, task/work stool, conference chair, management chair.
    • Reset – nesting chair, light task chair, light task stool.
    • Splash – stacking chair, bar stool, counter stool, light task chair, light task stool.
    • Vista II – stacking chair, bar stool, counter stool.
  • Use: approved for use in healthcare environments and it is used in many other applications. Genie Copper Mesh® has heavy duty and 24/7 environment applications.
  • Quick Ship: All of these series listed above offer quick ship with copper mesh options.


Copper Mesh Office Chairs Type

In 2017, Genie Copper Mesh won best of NeoCon in Innovation for healthcare textiles.

Contact a Parlor City Furniture Expert via Live Chat, Phone Call, or Email and learn more about how Copper Seating and help reduce bacterial transmission and ease the minds of your clients & employees.

We do State Contract to provide the guaranteed best price for government & private institutions, and also offer delivery & Installation in Upstate New York & Pennsylvania. We drop-ship anywhere in the Continental US!


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