Integra Seating

"Located in southern Wisconsin, Integra, Inc. has been designing, engineering and manufacturing seating and tables for lounge and reception areas for over 3 decades, since 1982. It started with Monroe Putnam’s patented “tube and plug” inner construction design. Since that time the owners, Monroe and Deena Putnam, have grown Integra into a strong company that has worked hard to accommodate the unique requirements of each customer / end-user and that has continually added products that exceed customer expectations.

We are still a family-owned and operated company and pride ourselves in being a leader in the industry when it comes to functional style, durability, flexibility, and customer service. Our product offering provides beautiful solutions for lounge and reception areas that are built to hold up to high uses. All Integra seating lines have replaceable components to provide a more sustainable and cost effective solution for any facility.

In conjunction with our sustainable design features, Integra has always aimed to minimize our impact on the environment through use of recycled materials, clean processes and recycling in our manufacturing. And because we build our products to last, we stand behind them with a lifetime warranty!"


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