Neodorfer Tables

"In the four decades that Neudorfer has been in business, we’ve continued to improve our products and processes. Although we’ve evolved over time, one thing has remained constant: our focus on the individual needs of our clients.

That’s why we’re also a strategic resource. Our insightful and knowledgeable furniture team can help you choose the specifications necessary to create a high-quality working environment. Even after the final installation is complete, we’re available for further help.
As for our tables, they’re unexcelled for classic design, careful execution, and durability. They’re also adaptable, as we can customize the size and shape with diverse surface materials, technology integration, and other special features. Whatever the setting—campus centers, libraries, seminar and conference rooms, dining rooms, courtrooms, lobbies, or laboratories—our furniture is perfect for areas where refined aesthetics are appreciated and quality is required."


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