"Prince Seating is the leading manufacturer and supplier of custom chairs, tables and barstools for the hospitality and healthcare industry.

Prince Seating operates a production facility located in Brooklyn, NY and two large warehouses with over 100 thousand frames available for quick delivery any given time. With a diverse supply chain spanning three continents, USA, Europe, & Asia, Prince produces seating from a variety of materials such as wood, steel, aluminum and plastics

Prince Seating manufactures over 500 styles of custom seating in a variety of finishes ranging from wood to metal and an almost endless selection of fabric choices. In addition to custom manufacturing,

Prince Seating’s impressive client roster ranges from upscale hotels, banquet halls, and restaurants to design professionals/groups and individuals and companies. For example: Hilton, Marriott and Radisson Hotels and Resorts, TGI Fridays, Wendy’s International, Wyndham International, Westgate and MGM Group."


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